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Background essay

Typically, the background information goes in your essay or research paper introduction, right after the hook. You need to capture the reader’s attention first with compelling details or quotes. Only after you have the attention of your. The background information essay is an essay that provides background information on a particular event, entity, or person. It’s essentially the backstory. These essays can provide a necessary foundation of information. WRITING THE PERFECT BACKGROUND ESSAY IS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT SOUNDS. THE IDEAL BACKGROUND ESSAY MUST: SET YOU APART FROM OTHER APPLICANTS BE ENTICING, ENGAGING, AND THOUGHTFUL.ALL. The background information in an essay is basically two or three sentences (minimum) where you explain the context of the topic you are going to discuss in the essay.

This information needs to be linked to the hook you wrote first and then to the thesis statement whih you will write last in the introduction of the essay. MJ Brewer What assessors sometimes say. The following are typical assessor complaints concerning Background Essays in each of the four assessment categories. This guide is intended to help you make sure they aren't levelled at you. Presentation: The essay is carelessly written / insufficiently proofread / littered with errors in spelling and syntax etc. Writing A Short Essay Describing Your Back Ground It is quite challenging when writing an essay about oneself. The requisite to writing this type of essay is thinking, planning and writing skills. For you to describe your background, be able to select important elements in your life. Clearly lay them out without being arrogant in any way. Today’s world is a global village. Everyone is connected to one another in this vast network generated by the Internet. As said by Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher of communication theory, “The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village.”. This electronic independence is inherently dependent upon the. Paraphrase the essay questions below to create one background statement. The first one has been done for you as an example with three possible options.

I would like you to write a background statement for questions 2-4. Essay Question 1 Science will soon result in people living to an average of 100 years or more. I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These words might sound strange and inconsequential to you, but memories of that place give me true energy and motivation. My mother, a native of Turkey, is a homemaker. My father, whose mother was also Turkish, lived all his life on the territory of Saudi Arabia.

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Background essay

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