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The Therapy Process

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Therapy is a unique social experience in which I create space for you to explore situations in your life that are affecting you. The therapeutic relationship is one-sided in that the focus is on you not on the therapist. For this reason, it may feel uncomfortable at first. We are accustomed to sharing the space and asking questions to get to know each other. I do my best to make sure clients feel safe and at ease through humor, anecdotes, and occasional self-disclosure when relevant.

In the first session or two, we are getting to know each other and learn how we communicate. I may ask you more questions than usual and you may feel like you are talking a lot. As time goes on this becomes more balanced. I guide the direction of our sessions when needed, but I also allow you to make decisions about what we are discussing. Sometimes I will point out an area that we may be overlooking. In these cases, you may not be ready to discuss that topic which is completely okay. It is important for you to feel safe to talk and not pressured to share before you are ready.


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